Travis Culver

Executive Sous Chef

Originally from South Hampton, New York, Travis moved to Vail from Delray Beach Florida.  Florida is where Travis became a chef sharpening his cooking skills by asking questions, staying late, arriving early, and learning all he could under Chef Lindsay Autry (Top Chef).

In ten years at the same restaurant, Travis grew from pantry cook to Sous Chef to Executive Chef. Looking for a change of scenery and balance in life, Travis packed up his knives. He moved to the Rocky Mountains to satisfy the small town kid in him that had been living the fast paced life of a large city.  

He chose to apply for a job at Mountain Standard in 2019 because his research proved it to be one of the best restaurants in Vail. He was hired as the Kitchen Manager and in 2023 promoted again to be the Executive Sous Chef at both Sweet Basil and Mountain Standard restaurants.

Travis chose Vail for the opportunity to play as hard as he works. He fills his personal time with many mountain hobbies including but not limited to snowboarding, hiking, and fishing.  When he gets the opportunity, Travis enjoys traveling and is always willing to do some professional research and development by eating everywhere he goes.

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