Rhena Rizzo

Executive Assistant

Rhena, also known as Rizzo, because it is her last name, has been working for the Sweet Basil Family since the 90s.  She has held many positions including busser, server, and host but is best known as a food runner.

Rhena is originally from Southern California and moved to Vail for one winter season to escape college and learn how to snowboard. She fell in love with the mountains and returned to Vail after receiving her BS in Criminal Justice and Sociology.

Although she has left and come back multiple times, she knows that Vail is her home and is not planning to leave again.  Depending on the season she spends her non-working time rafting, camping, biking, hiking, and snowboarding.

Rhena was an elementary school teacher by day and Sweet Basil employee by night for 13 years and in 2018 she left teaching to work full time at Sweet Basil and Mountain Standard.

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