Ethan Quednau

Ethan and restaurants just fit! Although he has always loved food, he never thought of it as a career.  He was going to be a rock-n-roll drummer. Growing up in Woodstock, New York, he spent his time working his grandparents farm, cooking and canning with his grandmother, and landscaping with his grandfather.  From early childhood he learned sustainability: grow and use everything. When he was fourteen he ventured outside the home for a job. He found himself bussing tables at a family owned Italian restaurant in his hometown.  

He knew the restaurant was where he needed to be but the front of house was not clicking for him so Ethan job swapped and became the dishwasher. The kitchen was definitely his jam. One day a line cook did not show up for work and Ethan took on the challenge, and he’s been cooking ever since.  Ethan traveled to Eagle County looking for his family, and he found Sweet Basil. His father lives in Gypsum and Ethan came out to visit and get to know him better and never left. He spends his free time snowboarding, riding motorcycles, camping, hiking, fishing, and whatever his friends and family are doing.